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ENGLISH: Naoki, a new head in stock!

New 1/3 head: Naoki

This is the first sale of a very new head: Naoki.

We have a very small quantity of heads in stock now in normal skin color.

If you like Naoki head, do not hesitate !

1/3 Naoki head

It is an 1/3 head (compatible with 54cm-62cm 1/3 bodies (boy or girl) - Neck size: 8/9,5cm max.. The circumference of the head is 7,50 inches and it wears 8/12 mm eyes).

The head in stock is available in normal skin color.

To order Naoki head is here.


1/3 Jorhaal head

Only one Jorhaal head (normal skin color) is in stock now !! If you want one, this is your chance :-)

It is an 1/3 head (compatible with 60 to 70 cm bodies). The circumference of the head is 8,15 inches and it wears 12/14 mm eyes). The head is compatible with: Soom 2016 boy body, Soom 2012 boy body, Granado Mads boy body, Doll-Family H 65cm boy body and Dollzone B60-005 boy body and for bodies with 9,3-11 cm neck aprox.

To order Jorhaal head is here.

Please feel free to contact us in case of need. Thank you:-)


How to order ?

Please feel free to fill the form you find at the bottom of these pages:

Naoki head

Jorhaal head

Or please feel free to send to us an email at

in indicating the skin color you need, your name, address, country,phone number and paypal address.

Of course, you can also send a message on facebook, instagram or flickr :-)

If you need a layaway, do not hesitate to tell us in placing your order by email.

You can read our layaway conditions here.

See you soon and thanks for your visit :-)

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